Xiu Xiu have announced a new album with duets. It’s called OH NO and will be available through polyvinyl on March 26th. It offers collaborations with Sharon Van Etten, Chelsea Wolfe, Alice Bag, Haley Fohr from Circuit des Yeux, Owen Pallett and Twin Shadow as well as members of Deerhoof, Drab Majesty, Liars and Shearwater. The first song on the album is Bottle of Rum, a collaboration with Grouper’s Liz Harris. Check out Angela Seo’s video from Xiu Xiu and see the full track listing below.

Jamie Stewart said in a press release that he wrote the song drunk on a bajo quinto (10-string guitar-like instrument often used in tejano, conjunto, and norteño music) while doing Groupers Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill song “Heavy Water / I’d Rather Sleep. “

“I asked Liz Harris, an old friend, if she would sing on this new duet record,” said Stewart. “At first I thought of her for another song, but although she didn’t know she was the inspiration behind it, she asked to be on this one. If the stars have ever aligned … well then. “

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01 Xiu Xiu / Sharon Van Etten: “Sad Mezcalita”
02 Xiu Xiu / Deb Demure: “I can’t resist”
03 Xiu Xiu / Haley Fohr: “The Grifters”
04 Xiu Xiu / Greg Saunier: “Goodbye forever”
05 Xiu Xiu / Susanne Sachsse: “OH NO”
06 Xiu Xiu / Angus Andrew: “Rumpus room”
07 Xiu Xiu / Angela Seo: “Fuzz Gong Fight”
08 Xiu Xiu / Owen Pallett: “I am dreaming about someone else”
09 Xiu Xiu / Chelsea Wolfe: “A Hundred Years” (The Cure Cover)
10 Xiu Xiu / Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: “A classic screw”
11 Xiu Xiu / Jonathan Meiburg: “It bothers me all the time”
12 Xiu Xiu / George Lewis Jr .: “Saint Dymphna”
13 Xiu Xiu / Alice bag: “Knock Out”
14 Xiu Xiu / Liz Harris: “A bottle of rum”
15 Xiu Xiu / Valerie Diaz: “ANTS”