A brand new prequel to Paramounts Yellowstone is in progress, according to a current report from Deadline.

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The series entitled 1883, should tell the story of how Yellowstone‘s Dutton Family became the largest ranch in Montana. According to Deadline, the series has started production in Fort Worth, Texas with Taylor Sheridan. Sheridan, known for writing Hitman, Wind flow, Sons of anarchy, and all 10 episodes of Yellowstone‘s first season, the pilot will direct.

The report also notes that the series mainly focused on Isabel Mays (Alexa and Katie), Elsa, the eldest daughter of John and Margaret Dutton (as portrayed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill respectively) with the story told through their eyes. Not much is known about the show, but it seems like we’re watching the family leave Texas and move into a better life in Montana, where the family lives on today’s series.

LaMonica Garrett (Mildness, The terminal list) and Sam Elliott (Tombstone, The great Lebowski) both join the cast. Elliott is supposed to play a Pinkerton agent named Shea Brennan who follows the Duttons to Montana, while Garrett will be his deputy. In the report of the deadline it is also noted that the budget for 1883 is more than what Paramount originally spent on Yellowstone. This suggests a show with a much larger show in scope and size, as evidenced by the 30 real wagons, cities and locations the team created for the sake of authenticity in addition to the timely wardrobe and props. David Glasser, CEO of C101 Studios, talked about how Paramount was ready to make Sheridan’s vision a reality, despite the incredible cost.

“They came to Taylor early and described how they wanted to build the streaming service by broadcasting some incredible content and Taylor said, ‘I got it. I want to do the prequel to the duttons, but this is going to be a big epic giant show. ‘ You didn’t blink, ”he said. “They really strive for it and do shows that tell big stories. They are very serious about what the streaming service is supposed to be and what will define it. I think there is a huge audience that wants to be part of Taylor’s shows. “

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No release date for 1883 has been confirmed, however Yellowstone is preparing to debut its fourth season on November 7, 2021. The series is currently on the Paramount Network and can also be streamed on Peacock.