In our last chat with Adam Wingard, he said Godzilla versus Kong The director stated that he always had a fascination with directors talking about scenes that did not make the final cut of a film.

“It’s always fun to talk about the deleted scene elements.” Wingard told “Because I know growing up and hearing directors talk about the deleted scenes from Star Wars, like the one that always came to mind was The Return of the Jedi. There was the sandstorm sequence when they went into the Millennium Falcon and they cut it. Apparently it was just a disaster. It ended up being unnecessary, but it was one of those things that you used to read about and just wanted to see for years, you know? That’s why I was always excited to read about deleted scenes and everything. “

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Wingard also explained why scenes are cut from films and that blockbusters mean directors are essentially making multiple films, the versions that are cut but not released for no reason.

“Often times when you do a movie like this some things shift, they shift and you don’t need them, or it’s too much or whatever. Plus, you’re just trying to make a movie as fun as possible. This means that sometimes you don’t need these direct fasteners. Sometimes they were just shoe leather, and that just has to be done. There was nothing crazy or traumatic about these scenes. I would say if you are making a big studio blockbuster film, you are making three films and choosing the best. You choose a film, but that doesn’t mean you say, “Oh, I wish I could put out all three films.” No no no no. Two and three are not good films. Number one, this is what you want to see, and in the end you just cut it down on it. “

Check out our full chat about deleted scenes with Godzilla versus Kong Director Wingard below talking about a moment we saw during our visit to the set.

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