You have recorded your podcast and are now ready to share it. But before you hit publish, stop!

Our new crop tool (for iOS and Android) is a simple podcast editing process That way, you can cut out those pesky extras to create your smoothest, most fluid audio yet.

Fast playback allows you to watch out for unnecessary extras so you can reduce those coughs, humming and pauses and fully prepare your podcast to reach thousands of listeners with ours A tap distribution tool.

Full Post-Processing: Now available for both Android and iOS.

Podcasts should be easy to create from anywhere, anytime.
That’s why we’re creating a platform that will allow you to record, edit, and distribute your podcast right from your phone. Really portable podcasting.

The start of the cropping function applies to iOS users in addition to the current trim function and to Android users who end up next to the trim function – With these two tools, Spreaker users have the full audio editing power at their fingertips.

Choose which parts to keep or remove anywhere in your raw audio file. If you feel like you’ve been overworked, you can undo an operation or edit it in multiple steps to make sure you don’t go overboard!
With skillful editing, you can turn your podcast from great to incredible.

Get Cropping!

Ready to edit? Let’s go over how to cut your audio.

You just recorded an unwritten interview on the go – instead of posting it, you now have the option to fine-tune your audio.
Once you have the unformatted audio file, you’ll need to hit “Edit” in the top right of the app screen to get to the places where you can make some changes after production.

Trimming your audio file is very easy.
Since iOS users already know the trim function works by dragging the cursor along the waveform of your podcast to where you want the audio to begin and selecting “Start Here,” tap where the audio should begin by tapping “End Here” The process of trimming audio in Android is exactly the same.
To create your audio clip for removal, do the same: literally select the extras intended for the editing area.

In both cases, after selecting, tap CUT and choose either “Crop” to shorten your file or “Delete” to remove unwanted sections.

The best piece? These actions can be carried out repeatedly during the entire editing process. Before making any final decisions, you will have the opportunity to listen to your clip to review your choices.

We’ve also added REDO and UNDO buttons so that if you change your mind or redo an undoed edit, you can undo your last edit. That’s it, it’s super easy and gives everyone the opportunity to post-produce, even on the go.

To conclude

We hope you enjoy playing with these new tools combined with our recent product launches of One-tap distribution and Trimming on the go We’re just starting to make the changes we’ve planned for Spreaker Studio.
We already have new features in the pipeline for the post-recording phase. So keep your eyes peeled for these announcements and make sure you have downloaded / updated the latest version of the app to take advantage of these new features.

As always, Spreaker Studio is and always will be 100% free.

If you enjoy using it, please do a little favor of spreading the word among your podcaster friends and sharing your feedback with us.

Have fun podcasting!