Zack Snyder is known for having adopted some great qualities in his filmmaking career, but there is one beloved franchise that he doesn’t think he’d make it if he had the chance.

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Speaking to The Times, Snyder was asked about his process as a director, and he discussed how he likes to get into projects with a certain point of view and therefore doesn’t always go with everything.

“When things get tough, you take a director with a personal point of view and ask them to participate in something that doesn’t ask for it,” said Snyder. “The journeyman filmmaker? There are many of them and they are good. I happen to have a certain point of view. “

Snyder went on to say that he has learned that it is much easier for him to create his own world than trying to fit into something that isn’t working. As an example, he said that he would like to do one war of stars Movie, but knows it couldn’t work. “The lesson I learned is that as a filmmaker, it’s a lot easier for me to create a world and invite you into it. Unlike me, I said, “Let me put my gear in your wheel.” How would I like to make one war of stars Movie. I know a lot about it … but I don’t think I would survive this. “

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Despite the joke, Snyder has worked on a ton of iconic franchises in the past, including the world of 300, Dawn of the Deadand a handful of DC properties. Snyder is currently working on it Army of the Dead, a film set after a zombie outbreak that left Las Vegas in ruins and cut itself off from the rest of the world.