CS recommends the Easter edition: Zootopia, Plus Gifts & More!

Stuck in there? Don’t know what to see / read / play / hear? ComingSoon.net has you covered. In this week CS recommends Our staff will give you solid tips on the best media to consume during your downtime, including games like Disney’s Zootopia and more! Check out our tips below!

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MAX EVRY’S RECOMMENDATION: Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends Loot Crate

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Loot Crate was kind enough to send us a sample of their new Sanrio box, which is full of glorious cuteness, perfect for Easter. This Sanrio crate is filled with officially licensed Hello Kitty collectibles, including an embroidered plush cloud pillow plush, a t-shirt, a toothbrush holder, a jewelry tray and much more. Use the promo code EGGSTRA25 to get a 25% discount at checkout!

KYLIE HEMMERTS RECOMMENDATION: JOYIN 12 Die-cast Easter eggs filled with a car

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Instead of filling those plastic Easter eggs with the usual chocolates and candy like every year, it might be time to try something different that the kids will enjoy: die-cast cars! The JOYIN collection consists of 12 cars, each designed in a different style for each egg. The pre-filled plastic Easter eggs with the die-cast cars are perfect for the Easter hunt or for party favor bags, school events, Christmas gifts, lucky bags, prizes and more!


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With April comes the arrival of Easter, and while some may not necessarily celebrate it from a religious standpoint, it is certainly a time to greet the arrival of spring and the beloved rabbit and celebrate one of the most unusual of the group with Sam & Max, one of the most unusual of the Save Die World. With the second video game title based on Sam Purcell’s iconic graphic novel series, players can immerse themselves in the noir-like world of the title duo as they solve various crimes in the hilarious Telltale Games title, with a rabbit in the middle bad mouthed, how can you not want to play this to celebrate the weekend?


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The film, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, takes place in a modern utopian world called Zootopia, in which all kinds of animals live together in a civilized society that spans different habitats, including Sahara Squara, Tundratown and Rainforest District. The story revolves around rookie cop Judy Hopps, a rural rabbit from Bunnyburrow who always dreamed of making a difference as a cop in the big city. Despite her talent and abilities, she will find that her colleagues will still underestimate her due to her size, which makes her journey to becoming a full-fledged cop as difficult as possible. Determined to prove herself, she immediately takes the opportunity to break a case. The only catch, however, is that she will have to forge an unlikely partnership with a scammer named Nick Wilde to solve her first big case.

This 2016 animated film is definitely one of my favorite Disney animated films. Since its release, it has successfully achieved critical and commercial achievements, grossing more than $ 1 billion worldwide. What I love about Zootopia is that it has cleverly incorporated such topical issues as discrimination and xenophobia into its theme and plot, yet is still able to deliver a charming and entertaining story. Aside from its well-crafted story, the film’s visual and animated style is undoubtedly impressive as they were able to create a new world that is effectively alluring.

As we wait for the upcoming Disney + spinoff series Zootopia + to debut in 2022, I highly recommend you try this gem out now or visit again!

JEFF AMES ‘RECOMMENDATION: The Passion of Christ Soundtrack / The Passion Oratorio

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Say what you want to say about Mel Gibson’s controversial and violent R-rated Biblical epic “The Passion of the Christ” – is it a necessary religious experience or a cynical exercise in big-screen torture porn? – but there’s no denying that John Debney’s Oscar-nominated score has the power. Alternating captivating and emotional, the music manages to deliver a dark, intense journey over far-reaching themes, a robust choir, and some really beautiful melodies.

The original soundtrack, released in 2004, does a pretty good job of presenting the score, but of course more is always better. Enter the 2CD set for La La Land’s 10th Anniversary Extended Anniversary. The new version, which was first released in 2015, offers a good 25-30 minutes of extra score and 40 minutes of bonus / alternate titles, including trailer music and a few other notable tidbits.
If that wasn’t enough, check out the newly released DVD The Passion Oratorio – Live Concert Film, available now from La La Land Records. The concert took place in the world famous Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain, in front of 6,000 spectators and included lyricist / singer / soloist Lisbeth Scott, flute soloist Pedro Eustache, the Ziryah choir and the Cordoba orchestra under the direction of Kevin Kaska.

The DVD is only $ 9.98 and is well worth the price for fans who crave more of Debney’s fantastic score!

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